Where does love come from?

And what does it do?

Does it make us feel?

Or is that simply a side effect of it?

Does it make us act?

Or is that just another biproduct?

Maybe love isn’t a matter of what it is

Where it comes from

Or what it does

Because we are love

Love is in us

And love is us

The search for it is endless

Because we’re searching for ourselves

The desire for it is everlasting

Because we are desiring ourselves

Love is


And always will be

Who we are


Were taught that there are seasons

Like winter



And spring

We’re told that we should love them

Because of the wonders that they bring

Winter brings cold

With snow that gleams and shines

While Summer brings the heat

From a sun that feels so fine

Fall brings cozy sweaters

And kids in costume on Halloween

Then spring brings a breath of life

And opens our eyes to the beauty that should be seen

There are seasons of our life

Like there are seasons of the earth

The seasons of our lives

Are unpredictable from birth

We can only guess

What season we’re in

Be it winter, summer, spring, or fall

But they each bring some clarity

To help us understand

The purpose behind our call

I do not know

What season I’m in

And I could probably never tell you

When it started or when it will end

But I have learned to laugh

And I have learned to dream

I have learned to appreciate

The little things

But after all I have learned

Be it good or bad

Learning to love

Is a skill that I lack

I know what Love is

And I know that it’s there

And I know my heart is full of it

Ready to be shared

But perhaps I am in winter

Or maybe even fall

A season where life is waiting

And beauty will soon cover all

I am not sad about this

Because I know the breath will come

And just like the warmer season

Life will flourish under the sun

I feel the heat already

And I can see the beauty coming near

But for now I will enjoy the season I’m in

Because I know God’s timing will be clear


You ask how I have the audacity to think I matter when there are 7 billion people on this earth

But you would never take the sea and deny its wonder

You would never take a rose and deny its beauty

And you would never take a dollar bill and deny its worth

You ask how I have the audacity to think I matter

When you listen to the rain and feel peace as each drop hits the ground and you lose track of time

You ask how I have the audacity to think I matter

When there are more dollar bills

More roses

More stars

And more rain than there are people and yet

Every day you find beauty in the littlest of things

But somehow

You have the audacity to think none of us matter

When we all have something to give

Something to love

Something to change

So I ask you

How can you have the audacity to think none of us matter

When there are 7 billion people on this earth

And 5 quadrillion square feet of earth to change?